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Travelling Time From
New Delhi - Mori Gate : 2.28 Hrs
Distance From
New Delhi - Mori Gate : 77.3 Kms
Indoor/ Outdoor Games, Lawn, Car Parking, Kids Play Area
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Food Menu

1.  Welcome Drink
1. Chula chicken
2. Dal Tadka
3. Paneer
4. Seasonal Vegetable
5. Chula roti
6. Salad
7. Rice
8. Raita
9. Dessert
10. Evening Tea & Snacks

Thakran Farms- Built on a lush green land of 19 Acres, It is blissfully secluded from the modern corporate world. Thakran Farms is beautifully crafted by the owners themselves Nakul and Madhulika Singh under no expert guidance. The entire set up reflects the culture of our rural heritage. Far away from the hustle and bustle, it is a quiet and picturesque farm, where it caters from corporate team building exercise to school picnics to long weekend getaways. All efforts are made in making the place as lush & green as possible. This farm is situated in amidst agricultural lands where one can witness countryside with wheat fields in the month of March and April. Sunshine on each of the grains appears like a gold blanket all over the field. The freshness and aroma in the air just sets in the mood to experience holiness of the nature. It’s a great place to relax, unwind and indulge in all sorts of activities which one forgets during daily errands of urban life.
Nature lovers will fall in love with this place with colorful birds humming tunes to the ears, and open lush green seating areas. Freshness of soil and breeze engulfs you completely as you surrender yourself to experience luxuries of nature. Rural tourism initiatives are not just giving urban population a taste of life on village style but are also creating sustainable eco-systems, which provide alternate sources of income for village people.
Currently the farm has 5 Mud huts, 500 Sq ft in size and 35 camping tents. Ethnic style Mud huts are aesthetically decorated and has thatched roofs with modern style washrooms. There is a total absence of furniture at the farm which completely separates it from the other surrounding farms. There are benefits that come with constructing the house out of this freely available eco-friendly material called MUD. But besides its eco-friendly advantage, mud has a unique temperature regulating property. There’s usually a 3-4 degree Celsius difference in temperature between exteriors and interiors. Final finishes to the huts are colorful in the form of borders given to windows and beds backdrops.
One can take a Walk-path among Poplar Trees or enjoy birds in a huge Bird Cage with Budgerigar, Love Birds, Diamond Dove, and Cockatiel. An array of activities can be enjoyed on site or in the surroundings, including cycling, obstacle course, Table tennis, horse riding, Village safari on tractor trolley and Kids’ club. Upcoming features include Polaris ATV track, a paintball Arena and Human Catapult. Thakran farms Offers a lavish Tubewell bath and mud bath with multani mitti. Other facilities offered at the property include a shared lounge and a games room. The property offers free parking too. There is a Golghar (gazebo in the garden) to enjoy natural beauty while sipping tea/coffee. Winters can be made special by adding bonfire alongside meals in open lush green garden called ‘Vatika’. What makes Thakran farms totally unique is the Hedge Maze- Bhoolbhuliya –one has to witness to salute the hard labor gone to develop it. Hedge Maze would soon be featured in Limca Book of Records.
As far as food is concerned, it’s a heaven for foodies with distinct rural flavor across the menu. The Restaurant called Jeeman Ka has 60 Cover Inside and 60 Cover in Verandah. There’s a live Interactive rural Rasoi serving Veg & Non Veg Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner. Food is prepared fresh from home grown vegetables. Menu can be completely customized basis ones requirement. Farm Fresh Vegetables and Poultry is used for all preparations. Not to be missed is butter milk popularly known as lassi or chachh. Roti is served fresh from the Chula with local desi ghee sprinkled generously all over it

A few things which are a must carry while visit to the farm includes a sensible walking shoes, Cap, stole or some other form of head protection , Appropriate attire to suit the climate and to prevent triggering a culture shock. Carry as little plastic as possible. Do not leave behind any non-biodegradable waste.
A must visit place to reckon the efforts and hard labor deployed to put up a unique farm equipped with all modern facilities yet so connected to our rural roots.