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Travelling Time From
New Delhi - Mori Gate : 2.09 Hrs
Distance From
New Delhi - Mori Gate : 56.5 Kms
Indoor/ Outdoor Games, Lawn, Car Parking, Kids Play Area
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Food Menu

1.  Welcome Drink
1. Chula chicken
2. Dal Tadka
3. Paneer
4. Seasonal Vegetable
5. Chula roti
6. Salad
7. Rice
8. Raita
9. Dessert
10. Evening Tea & Snacks

Surjivan Resort has been developed on the concept of back to roots, back to nature. The tranquility and picturesque setting of our resort will take you back in time and allow you to experience the simplicity and peaceful existence of a simple village life, this special theme differentiates us from other resorts near delhi. With acres of landscaped gardens Surjivan is home to an astounding variety of flora & fauna. You’re bound to spot an exotic bird or two who have chosen to make Surjivan their permanent abode & that’s exactly the feeling you’ll have when you visit us.

An exquisite gastronomical experience awaits you at our manesar resort. Whatever you eat or drink is grown at Surjivan, organically cultivated, and prepared in a traditional style in earthen vessels on a slow fire so the food acquires a very different taste and flavour.