Silver Sands Resort

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Cost/ Head
Travelling Time From Guindy
1.20 Hr
Distance From Guindy
53.60 Km
Indoor/ Outdoor Games, Lawn, Car Parking, A/C Hall, Bar Attached, Kids Play Area
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Food Menu

1. Welcome Drink
2. One Soup
3. 2 Salad
4. 2 Non Vegetarian Dishes
5. 2 Vegetarian Dishes
6. Assorted Indian Bread
7. Rice Varieties
8. 1 Curd Item
9. Papad/ Pickle
10. 2 Desserts
11. Evening tea,Coffee and snacks.

The Silver Sands Resort is situated among beautiful casuarina trees which is one of the best Beach Reosrts in Chennai, creating the perfect setting for a corporate holiday. The resort is quite unique as it has been designed and built to resemble a jungle.

The authentic and rustic vibe offers a unique experience. The open expanse and the fact that the resort is situated on the beach is one of the main reasons why it continues to be a favourite tourist and corporate destination. Amongst the sandy riches, many fun team beach games can be held.

The resort has one main restaurant which is open on all days of the week and provides wholesome, delicious and nutritious food. The room service is prompt and caters to your needs. There are quite a few indoor and outdoor games on offer, the most popular among them being snooker and billiards.

SinceĀ adventure sportsĀ is becoming quite the rage among the youth of today, the stay ensures that it makes provisions for these kinds of adventure-based sports that are quite exhilarating and fun at the same time. Team members can bond over beach volleyball, rappelling, rock climbing and a specially created obstacle course.

There are quite a few places of interest that one can visit during their stay here. Tiger caves, a crocodile bank and a bird sanctuary are only some of the places. Rest assured, there will never be a dull moment when you stay at the Silver Sands Resort.