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Cost/ Head
Travelling Time From Guindy
1.19 Hr
Distance From Guindy
50.20 Km
Indoor/ Outdoor Games, Lawn, Car Parking, A/C Hall, Bar Attached, Kids Play Area
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Ideal Beach Resort-Ideal Beach Resort, Mahabalipuram_1254813824555_L.jpg 3 years ago
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Food Menu

1. Welcome Drink
2. One Soup
3. 2 Salad
4. 2 Non Vegetarian Dishes
5. 2 Vegetarian Dishes
6. Assorted Indian Bread
7. Rice Varieties
8. 1 Curd Item
9. Papad/ Pickle
10. 2 Desserts
11. Evening tea,Coffee and snacks.

The Ideal Beach Resort, considered as one of the best Chennai Beach Resorts is also located in Mahabalipuram. This stay is rated as one of the best for families as it offers a host of fun activities for those on vacation. It is also ideal for fun team outbound activities that enhance employee skills and boost the morale of team members.

The hotel is not too expensive and provides decent quality mid range rooms that have the latest and necessary amenities. On offer is a very own private beach where fun beach games like Beach Olympics and sand castle building can be held with the team. Also in this resort is a spacious and big swimming pool.

The hotel has, over the years, undergone quite a number of renovations to give it a more contemporary feel. The rooms are well-maintained, clean and can accommodate a family of four. The staff is also quite hospitable and attentive to the requirements of the guests. Relish in the restaurant which is known especially for its seafood.

The dishes that you desire can be prepared upon request. The stay is also sensitive to the guests’ eating habits and caters to them accordingly.