Maybe not With my Wife, You do not! (1966)

Maybe not With my Wife, You do not! (1966)

Maybe not With my Wife, You do not! (1966)

Boeun (Moon Geun Younger) is actually an ordinary high school girl just who worries about levels and you will have an effective smash on her behalf school’s baseball cluster expert, Jungwoo. Someday, Boeun’s father sales their so you’re able to marry Sangmin (Kim Rae Obtained) because of a pact the guy fashioned with Sangmin’s father into the Korean Conflict. Inspite of the grandchildren’s resistance, he or she is compelled to get married due to Boeun’s grandfather’s strong influence. She pretends you to definitely she does not have any a husband and starts matchmaking Jungwoo. What you happens effortlessly until Sangmin check outs Boeun’s college or university just like the students professor. Around a teacher titled Skip.Kim flirts with Sangmin and you will she later on finds out one Sangmin and you may Boeun is partnered.

The new Meal (2010)

A person towards the deathrow really wants to taste “doenjang jjigae” (a hot Korean bean insert stew) before the guy becomes deceased. Television music producer Choi Yu-Jin (Ryoo Seung-Ryong) hears of your own inmate and reports his facts to possess a future development declaration. Choi Yu-Jin upcoming comes across a mystical woman titled Jang Hye-Jin (Lee Yo-Won) whom renders doenjang jjigae you to definitely brings tears out of happiness to those just who tastes her menu. As Choi Yu-Jin delves next, he discovers from Jang Hye-Jin’s cardiovascular system cracking experience of Kim Hyun-Soo (Lee Dong-Wook).


The storyline begins with this new facts away from a classic Korean facts out-of love diese Seite weiter on a beneficial princess called Pyun-group whose husband, On-dal passes away. Next we flash toward a father or mother who’s introduced their own haunted ded Pyun-gang) in order to a psychic, which informs their own that their own child is actually troubled by the ghost of princess . Then he continues to say that the latest girl need certainly to get married their particular For the-dal by the their unique sixteen birthday celebration and create a child within this good 12 months if not she will perish. The family treats it skeptically up until age later, Pyun-gang has several near-dying enjoy that will be instantly spooked, convinced she is going to die. Just like the chance could have they, in the near future afterwards, a unique import beginner joins Pyun-gang’s class. Their name is Towards the-dal, and he could be practical, good looking and you can steeped which most will not make possibility of higher college or university relationships including a hard price to own Pyun-gang, what along with her upcoming demise and all of.

The Knot (2006)

It fell crazy; Chen Qiushui is actually 20. Wang Biyun is actually 18. Whenever Qiushui fled Taiwan pursuing the 228 Massacre, Biyun offered your a gold engagement ring and guaranteed so you’re able to see once again. Qiushui supported since an armed forces doctor into the Korean War, in which the guy came across Wang Jindi, a nursing assistant from Shanghai who fell deeply in love with him instantly. Years had opted because of the, Qiushui hitched Jindi and you may paid from inside the Tibet. While in Taiwan, Biyun hidden Qiushui’s mother and you will continued so you’re able to hope to have their return. Flashback so you’re able to progressive time, Biyun is residing in Nyc. Their particular relative starred because of the Isabella Leong, a writer, possess visited Tibet to ascertain what happened so you’re able to Qiushui. From the photos she delivers straight back through web sites, Biyun ultimately gets to see the familiar deal with once again.

For the Korean Combat, Italian nurse Virna Lisi falls in love with a couple Western fliers, Tony Curtis and you can George C. Scott. Lisi marries Curtis just after the guy convinces their unique that Scott could have been murdered from inside the an airplane freeze. She soon discovers Scott was live, but remains gladly married to help you Curtis up to Scott re-enters their lifestyle 14 age after. Compiled by Jeanne Armintrout

New Lady towards Coastline (1947)

A WWII Coast guard experienced, Lt. Scott Burnett (Robert Ryan), try littered with nightmares away from his treat days. Someday, he suits a woman, Peggy Butler (Joan Bennett), walking around a beach, picking right on up pieces of timber. Butler was hitched to a grumpy, blind artist, Ted Butler (Charles Bickford). Even after their affections for their fiancA©age Eve (Nan Leslie), whose dad is a boat builder, Scott falls crazy about Peggy and soon vacations off of the involvement. Peggy shows that she blinded their particular spouse age before by the putting a glass on your throughout the an ugly spat, destroying his occupation along with her own hopes and dreams are a higher-classification socialite. Scott fears you to Ted try suspicious that he is that have an enthusiastic affair with Peggy and gets therefore paranoid which he starts to accept that Ted was faking their loss of sight a?? and you may outlines to show they. It was the brand new 5th and last Western film of the high French author-movie director Jean Renoir.

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