The Leaf Munnar Resort

//The Leaf Munnar Resort
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Cost/ Head
Travelling Time From
Munnar Bus Stand : 0.36 Hrs
Distance From
Munnar Bus Stand : 14.9 Kms
Indoor/ Outdoor Games, Lawn, Car Parking, Kids Play Area
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THE LEAF is a 4-star resort located on the beautiful hills of Munnar, Kerala. Located in a 5-acre expanse on a scenic hill near Anachaal, it is the ultimate destination for a perfect getaway with your family or with your friends.

THE LEAF has got the best-in-class amenities. A mega Club-House with Multi-Cusine Restaurant, Coffee Shop, Conference Hall, Board Rooms, a Large Swimming Pool, Ayurvedic Spa, Health Club, Indoor Gaming Center etc.

THE LEAF also showcases an organic farm with vegetables, fruits and animals which will take your holiday to a completely new level.

We, at THE LEAF, look forward to welcoming you here and giving you an awesome experience which you will cherish forever.