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Cost/ Head
Travelling Time From
Pune Junction : 2.04 Hrs
Distance From
Pune Junction : 52.7 Kms
Swimming Pool, Indoor/ Outdoor Games, Lawn, Car Parking, A/C Hall, Kids Play Area
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Enter a charming place filled with scenic beauty.Relax in the serenity of the lush landscape. Delight in the sights and sounds of nature. Experience our warm hospitality, cherishing the superb accommodation and cuisine.

Surya Shibir is an eco-friendly resort nestled deeply in the Sahyadri Valley, just 50 km from Pune. It offers a breathtaking panorama of the Varasgaon Dam backwaters and rolling green hills.

Away from the bustle of city life, the resort is your ideal getaway. Swim and splash in the large pool; enjoy the rain dance; play a variety of games or take a walk in the woods. The area surrounding the resort is a vibrant natural habitat where you can spot wild boar, hyena, fox, dear, sambar, rabbit, porcupine, wild cat, mongoose and ghorpad. Bird species like bulbul, drongo, golden oriol, superteen eagle, marsh harison can also be seen. The place is thick with vegetation including jambhul, karvandajali, amla, hirda, behada, khair, arjun, bahava, shalmali, kanchan, aain, bamboo and mango, among other trees. With such biodiversity, Surya Shibir truly takes you to the heart of nature and adventure.

Surya Shibir is the perfect escape, offering you a refreshing and fun-filled existence in harmony with nature. The resort is well planned to make every moment of your visit memorable. Friendly, efficient service is one of the many privileges you enjoy as our valued guest.