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Indoor/ Outdoor Games, Car Parking, A/C Hall, Bar Attached, Kids Play Area
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Food Menu

1. Welcome Drink
2. One Soup
3. 1 Salad
5. 2 Vegetarian Dishes
7. Rice Varieties
8. 1 Curd Item
9. Papad/ Pickle
10. 2 Desserts
11. Evening tea,Coffee and snacks.

started in the year 2010 solely to revive one’s golden memories of Indian childhood spent in the Mango fields amidst the early mist filled with mischief, joy, fear of unknown excitement and adventure, and sweet aroma of the mangoes blended in the fragrance of the wet mud.And pass on these stories to their child, beloved ones, a friend or anyone who is yet to taste this sweet intoxication in their life.

Life at MangoMist –

Offers a collection of South Indian Styled Cottages and Tree houses with modern facilities in a large acres of Mango farm with mango trees, a lake, and rich green grass with pleasant sightings of beautiful birds, all making it one rich green lush environment.

Our authentic farm resort also includes all essential resort services like fine dining, spa and fun activities such as fishing, Bar-B-Q, swimming …..

MangoMist welcomes events like special get-together with your family/friends on your Birthday, Anniversary or any other Celebrations. We can arrange Mist filled Dance Floor+DJ or totally special, undisturbed private dinning.

We have exclusive activities and amenities that delight all ages – from spa and fitness programs, tennis, lake activities and pool fun, to biking, hiking and all other entertaining, cultural and educational offerings you might wish to have, and assist with any of the details to insure your visit is fun, memorable and relaxing.