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Cost/ Head
Travelling Time From Guindy
1.26 Hr
Distance From Guindy
53.60 Km
Indoor/ Outdoor Games, Lawn, Car Parking, A/C Hall, Bar Attached, Kids Play Area
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Food Menu

1. Welcome Drink
2. One Soup
3. 2 Salad
4. 2 Non Vegetarian Dishes
5. 2 Vegetarian Dishes
6. Assorted Indian Bread
7. Rice Varieties
8. 1 Curd Item
9. Papad/ Pickle
10. 2 Desserts
11. Evening tea,Coffee and snacks.

One of the other famous Chennai Beach Resorts is the InDeco Hotel which was established by Steve Borgia, a renowned Indologist who is credited with creating some of the world’s finest and unique heritage hotels.

The InDeco Group of Leisure Hotels comprises of the INDeco Hotels in Swamimalai, which includes the 1896 Tanjore Village, India’s only recipient of the prestigious Global Eco Tourism Award. This hotel has a very authentic feel to it and it is in this beguiling place that several team outbound activities can be held.

It possesses three restaurants and ethnic suites that are comfortable and luxurious. The warmth of the place and of the reception staff that will greet you as you enter the lobby is sure to make a great first impression.

INDeco Hotels Mahabalipuram, located on the beautiful shores of Mahabalipuram is also an added attraction. This charming stay is found adjacent to the famous Shore Temple, and is therefore surrounded by history. The hotel’s close proximity to the airport makes it a preferred destination for foreign tourists.

It also possesses a museum which is packed with ancient artifacts. It also has an Ayurvedic centre that will help relax and soothe the nerves. Herbal massages are the main draw here.

The third part of the chain of hotels is the INDeco Lake Forest Hotel, which is located in Yercaud. This stay does its best to preserve the ecology.

Guest bungalows are snug and cozy and will offer you your own private space nestled in nature and surrounded by a coffee plantation. Each room is equipped with all the basic amenities in addition to other necessary items. These three components form the INDeco Group of Hotels that are well-know all over India.