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Travelling Time From Yercaud Bus Stand : 7 Min
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Distance From Yercaud Bus Stand : 2.5 Kms
Indoor/ Outdoor Games, Lawn, Car Parking, Kids Play Area
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GRT Nature Trails – Sky Rocca is an exquisite eco-friendly property located in the pristine climes of Yercaud, surrounded by vast stretches of coffee plantations. A resort made of dreams, we provide guests with breath-taking sights and sounds in a serene atmosphere of comfortable accommodation and contemporary facilities. The warmest in hospitality amidst the chilly air of Yercaud, GRT’s Nature Trails is one of those resorts where the lush, verdant delights of nature surround you, and our exemplary service and modern comforts are at your beck and call. The Sky Bridge, a part of our in-house restaurant is the perfect spot for a romantic rendezvous overlooking the majestic valley below.
The resort is 30 kilometers from the Salem railway station and 45 kilometers from the Salem airport. Direct trains and buses are available from Bangalore, Chennai, Madurai, Coimbatore and other major cities in South India.