Green Coconut Resort

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Cost/ Head
Travelling Time From Guindy
1.10 Hr
Distance From Guindy
37.80 Km
Indoor/ Outdoor Games, Lawn, Car Parking, A/C Hall, Bar Attached, Kids Play Area
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Food Menu

1. Welcome Drink
2. One Soup
3. 2 Salad
4. 2 Non Vegetarian Dishes
5. 2 Vegetarian Dishes
6. Assorted Indian Bread
7. Rice Varieties
8. 1 Curd Item
9. Papad/ Pickle
10. 2 Desserts
11. Evening tea,Coffee and snacks.

The Green Coconut Resort is one of the many beach resorts that dot the coastline along Mahabalipuram. The coconut garden that surrounds the stay offers tranquillity and serenity as you escape from the hustle and bustle of city life.

This is where the corporates can head to for a beguiling experience. The resort is located in one of the prime locations off the ECR or the East Coast Road. It overlooks the Bay of Bengal, thereby ensuring a picturesque view that will create memories for a lifetime.

The stay leads right to the beach, making it the perfect place for beach activities such as human football beach volleyball and other team bonding exercises.

Considered anĀ eco-friendly resort, it adheres to environmental norms. The stay possesses uber luxurious suites and premium cottages for families and couples. The dolphin swimming pool is a great place for the entire family to come together and have a fun time. The fishpond, situated on the premises, houses some exotic species of fish that are quite intriguing to watch.

The resort also has a massage parlour and health spa to engage visitors in a relaxing personal time. The air-conditioned hall is the perfect place to hold a formal gathering.

The open-air auditorium is also a perfect place to host an event while you enjoy the cool sea breeze. However, despite the modern amenities and other facilities on offer, the beauty of this resort lies in its coconut grove.

The peace that will surround you even as you sit and meditate on your own is something that is truly relaxing. Due to all that it provides, this stay is considered as one of the best Beach Resorts in Chennai.