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From quirky handmade décor to DIY counters and much more, here’s your hand-guide of wedding décor…


  • Have a DJ request box for your Sangeet

All of us wait to dance to that one favorite song during a friend’s sangeet. Turn your coasters into ‘DJ Request chits’ that guests can scribble on. Drop them in a box for the DJ to listen to. It’s the easiest way to get everyone to the dance floor, trust me!

  • Have a truck serving up fancy cocktails

At almost every Indian wedding, there is a booze bar and that’s where the fun really is, almost. So instead of having a table with a plain runner on it, why not have an old pick-up truck revamped into a booze station?

  • ‘Make your own golgappa’ station

Have taps dispensing sweet and spicy water and let people mix up their own golgapps just the way they enjoy it.  Jazz it up with flavored water as well – Mexican flavored golgappa anyone?

  • Have a fun photo boot

Have a scooter photo-booth installed, where the good old revamped scooter is painted anew and kept amongst fresh seasonal flowery décor. This is where the bride and the groom can take turns with the guests to pose for a picture or selfies.

  • Put on your dancing shoes

Kick off those uncomfortable heels and sway to the catchy tunes played by the DJ or a live band. This would keep your guests on the dance floor for hours together.

  • DIY love story board

A little introduction of your cute love story would just be perfect. Just a board and a couple of colorful chalks would do the job. It’s just that simple.

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